Monday, August 31, 2009

Running ahead

Since keeping track of my stats from the beginning of July, I logged the most miles in one week last week than I ever have. And it was only a measly 10.5 miles, but still. For someone who doesn't run, isn't a runner, doesn't necessarily enjoy running all the time, this was a feat.

But running can be addictive. And to go out at 8:00pm at night and knock out 2.5 miles in 22 minutes? I will take it. (edited to add: I do not normally run that fast, for starters it was only 2.5 miles, so I was going much faster than I do on my long runs)

I have been pretty good with staying with my training schedule. I missed one "scheduled" 3 mile run last Thursday due to our kick-off meeting for Girl Scouts. I will miss tonight's 2 mile run due to a dinner out with friends. I might be able to make it up later this week, so we shall see.

And I had my first "adventure" on Saturday when I went for my long run (which was only 4 miles this past Saturday). We were in Myrtle Beach visiting my parents and I went on a run from my parents neighborhood into another neighborhood. As I was entering that neighborhood, I heard a woman yelling someones name. I thought she was yelling at a kid, not her dog. She didn't sound frantic or anything, so I kept running. Until I saw out of the corner of my eye a huge dog running my way.

My gut told me the dog was friendly. Huge, but friendly. He was kind of galloping towards me, not growling or anything. He just wanted to run with me. I ended up having to stop as the dog wouldn't stop and the dog's owner was trying to catch up. That, and the dog was staying in the middle of the road where cars where coming. So I held the dog until the owner could catch up and take over. Thankfully this encounter with a dog while running ended up being okay.


Martha said...

Do you carry any pepper spray? I know it's no fun to use it on a living animal, but it's not lethal and doesn't do permanent damage and it's much better than getting a dog bite (and of course man-bites-dog can have bad consequences for the dog as well.)

I'm glad everything worked out well this time though!

Laura said...

Great job in keeping up on yoru running. You are doing AWESOME!

Dogs can be very scary - stay safe!

SJ said...

So glad the dog didn't attack you while you were out running, how scary. Maybe carry some pepper spray?

Great job too on your training!