Monday, September 21, 2009

7 miles

I don't have fancy running clothes, cool shoes, expensive socks. My shorts, shirt, and sports bra were all on sale at Target at one point in time. The socks are from Walmart. The shoes were on sale at Kohls. I don't have a cool Garmin watch to tell me how far I have run; I have to map out my runs beforehand.

I didn't play a sport like soccer in school that would have led me to running. I was a softball girl, and the furthest I ran the most was the distance to first base. I even played catcher, so I didn't really even have that far to run out on the field.

But I run. I squeeze in a run when I can. I get up early on Saturday mornings to get my "long" runs in. I go to the gym after the kids are in bed at night. I run while Ashley is at cheer practice.

I am pretty sure I am not built like a runner. I pretty much have non-existent calf muscles. I run slow, plugging along.

And this past Saturday, I ran my furthest distance yet - 7 miles. It took me one hour and 13 minutes, but I did it. Through all the hills in my town, I did it. Through the park where I ran right into a rail I didn't see, I did it.

I did a Clif Shot gel thing before starting out, and I had great energy the entire time. My knee started to hurt (remember I played catcher? I think this is coming back to haunt me) around mile 5, but not bad enough to walk. If I had one of those watches, I am sure it would have told me my last mile was probably my fastest as I was trying to catch up to my friend I saw running and I ended on a downhill.

So I ran. 7 miles. Longest distance yet. Next up - 8 miles on Thursday. Wish me luck!


Martha said...

Way to go Amy, I am very impressed!

SJ said...

Awesome Amy! Awesome indeed.

One day I'll become a runner in my own right...I've been working on it but not like you.

One day.

BS said...

Great job !

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!! So proud!!

(and a little jealous ;) )

Happy Working Mom said...

Good for you! I went running last night and you would have laughed at me! Kylie rode her bike next to me, and at least half of the 20 minutes out was walked, AND the running was actually jogging. Oh well! I'm glad you're doing so well with it!

Laura said...

You are doing great! Just one run or even step at a time.

Take pride in your accomplishments!