Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sunday afternoon, Ashley and her friend where writing lyrics to songs in her friend's backyard. Ashley needed help spelling some words, and asked when she needed help.

"Mommy, how do you spell jest?"

"Jest? Do you mean Just?"

"No, JEST. How do you spell JEST?"

"Can you use it in a sentence?"

"Yes, like 'We jest got home?'."

"Honey, it's JUST, not JEST. J-U-S-T."

In her most I'm six years old and know everything there is to know about everything voice: "No MOMMY, not JUST, JJJJJJJJJJEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSTTTTTTT."

And there you have it. The North Carolina girl who know thinks Jest is a word.


Mrs. CPA said...

I know you'll have no problem believing this. When I took Hudson to the dr yesterday for his giant puffy face from a mosquito bite, he asked me what the "well child" signs said. He then decided that part of the room was for WHALES.

Confessions of an Organized Mess said...

LMAO! You know... I wondered if that's what she meant. How cute!

FamilyFriendlyAmerica said...

Too cute! I've heard my little ones use that word too...and I've corrected them but it still seems to be part of their vocabulary!

Holly said...

Maybe she meant it as in, "surely you jest." Perhaps she has been reading too much Jane Austen? :)