Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bullets, Monday-Style (which it really feels like Monday even though it's Tuesday)

- I don't have to worry about deciding if Ashley was going to hear Obama's speech or not as she is tracked out of school for three weeks - thank goodness for year round schools! (and honestly, I would have not had an issue with her watching it, I would have just read the text myself and discussed with her the speech as well)

- I may or may not have overbooked myself for this coming Saturday

- I am finally wearing my engagement ring again after going without it for months. The diamond was loose, and the place Ray bought it at is no longer in business. I finally took it to a Jared's yesterday where they fixed it in 2 hours and informed me my diamond is chipped.

- After not being in school for a week due to strep, a teacher workday and a holiday, Audrey was not thrilled about going back today. She even tried to tell me she had a fever.

- Ashley was excited about camp this week which made the morning a little easier. It was also easier as we didn't have to meet the bus stop by 7:45am deadline.


Anonymous said...

I really wish our districts would go year round. What I've read about it and a few friends that live in such districts, it really does seem like the better way.


SJ said...

You know, my wedding ring is chipped too and most jewlery places won't even clean it (b/c of the liability I suppose).

Maybe it's time for a new one!

Martha said...

The fuss about the speech was just so out of hand. The text was made available before hand, there was nothing objectionable about it (at least in my opinion) and frankly I think all of the protests were way too much about political posturing then they were about doing the best thing for our children.

I empathize with Audrey. Today was our first day back and I didn't want to go either :(