Monday, September 14, 2009

You need to get you a neighborhood like mine

Thursday morning, Ray left for a weekend in Myrtle Beach to golf, eat wings, watch football, and play more golf. Considering that Ray never plays golf anymore except for these weekends away, I almost shove him out the door.

Unfortunately for me, this weekend had a schedule that was a little bit nuts. Friday night, Ashley had a pep rally for cheerleading. Not a problem, even got her there on time.

Saturday was a different story. Saturday involved cheerleading pictures, a Girl Scout meeting for the girls and their Moms at my house, a cheerleading game for Ashley, and a birthday party to round out the day. If there was any day I could possibly duplicate myself, it would have been Saturday.

Lucky for me, I have great neighbors and friends who stepped in and saved me. One friend took Ashley to cheer pictures, another friend (who is going to have a baby next month - I think the 19th of October would be a great date....) took Audrey while I had the Girl Scout meeting.

I really only had one mishap the entire weekend - I was right on time to be at the football field for Ashley's game on Saturday when I realized she was wearing Crocs - not really the type of shoe she was supposed to be wearing. So we ran back to the house for her really expensive cheer shoes. We still made it back in time, but I hate running back and forth. Not fun.

And no worries, I will be getting Ray back for leaving me this weekend. The same great neighbors and friends are going on a girls weekend in two weeks to Savannah, Georgia for some much needed time away. The countdown is on...

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