Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 miles

Yesterday morning when I left to run my 10 miles, it was 76 degrees outside. Perfect running weather for me. Considering this morning it is about 15 degrees cooler, I got lucky yesterday.

And I survived. 10 miles - one hour, 45 minutes and some odd seconds. I seriously thought at the beginning of this, it would take me 3 hours to run the half marathon. I am thinking that I can definitely beat that now. I might even beat 2 and 1/2 hours, which is my "B" goal at this point. More on goals as it gets closer to the race.

The first couple of miles my friend and I ran pretty slow. I normally hit a wall between mile 5 and 6 - this is where my knees start to hurt, and I just want to walk. Good thing Wendy kept pushing me and I kept going. And then my knees stop hurting (basically they become numb, probably not a good thing) and I can pick up the speed. Seriously, I am pretty sure Wendy and I ran the last 2 miles closer to 9:30 minute miles. If only I had a Garmin watch...

Which from all that I read, having negative splits is good - finishing with a faster pace than what we start with. If I can do that come race day, I will be happy.

11 miles next Saturday. I once thought that it was impossible, now I know I can do it. It may take me 2 hours, but then I can come home and eat 2 donuts like I did yesterday and not feel too guilty about it. And yes, those were the best damn donuts I have had in a long time.


Carmen B. said...

You looked awesome out there!

Kerrie T. said...

LOL! The doughnuts thing made me laugh because we went to Mexican food for a birthday celebration this afternoon and I ate an entire, albeit small, nacho plate by myself. Sure, I felt disgusting afterward, but I didn't feel guilty because I ran 7 miles this morning. Ha!

PS: Thanks for stopping by Mom vs. Marathon. I love hearing about other moms who fit in running! Way to go!