Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ashley's nightmares have subsided. Now she just has a random cough that is keeping her up at night. Maybe when I am 50 I will sleep through the night.

All of us are getting our flu shots this week - YES RAY, THAT MEANS YOU TOO. I am not sure why I even typed that in here as he doesn't even read my blog, but he is being a wimp about getting the shot and considering he is getting on a plane to fly to Vegas on Thursday, HE IS GETTING A FLU SHOT. Maybe he heard me that time. The girls get their shots Thursday evening, I will get mine at Walgreens on Wednesday. And yes, if the H1N1 is available, the kids will get that as well.

My Mom is coming to hang out with us this weekend while Ray is away and to go to the NC State Fair. Every year we have lived here, she and my Stepdad have made it. I am keeping my fingers crossed the weather will hold out. She is also going to see Ashley cheer on Saturday.

We have finally done it - we have convinced some of our family to move here. Ray's brother Sean and his family move this week into a home they are going to rent in our town. The girls are excited about their cousins being much, much closer.

I am going to eat lunch out at work today for the first time in months (money -saving and waist-band expanding saving plan), but since I have a coupon for a free sandwich at Cafe Carolina, it is still free. I love free coupons.

Less than a week until my birthday; less than a month until my attempt at a half marathon.

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