Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Everyone knows I am crazy about Disney. I troll the Disney websites daily, especially as we get closer to our vacation in December. Ray and I bought a Disney timeshare before we even had kids. So crazy about Disney - yes.

So you can only imagine my excitement yesterday when I got an email saying I made it to the second round of the selection process for the Disney Mom's Panel.

I have applied every year; and every year nothing. Until this year. Now, I have no idea how many it was narrowed down to in the second round. I am hopeful that it was narrowed down a lot.

I had to answer three more essay questions and submit a photo. The essay questions were easy, the photo was not. I attempted to have Ray take a head shot of me last night, and to say it wasn't pretty was an understatement. I could post it here, but then I would be the laughing stock of the internet for the day. So I cut me out of a picture I actually took at Disney on Ice last week with Audrey.

Keep your fingers, toes, ears, hair, WHATEVER crossed for me to make to the final selection. I should know the last week of October/beginning of November. The next round will be phone interviews.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow good luck! That sounds like FUN!!

Thanks for the input. Just in asking the question I know that I am against it. The 1-2 miles yes...but the full race, nope!! I am trying to find creative ways to gain entry without breaking the bank.

One of my Blogger friends Sarah is running OBX too. I can send you the link to her blog if you are interested.

SJ said...

Good luck to you, I know how much this would mean to you if you got accepted!

Best Wishes!

WorkingMom said...

Best of luck, Amy! And isn't it funny that moms are usually the ones that there's no pictures of... could it be because we're usually TAKING them!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Woohoo. I'll be pulling for you. Congrats on the second round :)