Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19th, 1975

Today is my birthday, and while turning 34 isn't that big of a deal, I am puffy-eyed and gulping my coffee this morning to ward off the lingering tiredness I have from too many nights of not really good sleep.

Friday night while Ray was off in Vegas betting at the Sports Book that the Hokies would win (which I FULLY blame him for their loss, you should never bet on your team!), I hit the sack early as I was going to get up and go running at 5:30am. My Mom was in town to help me out, and had treated me to a pasta dinner on Friday night before the 11 miles I was going to run on Saturday morning.

Audrey slept with me because I didn't want to fight getting her to sleep that night, and she decided to pee in my bed at 4:15am. So that was my wake-up call. Which actually worked out since there are certain bodily functions I need to do before I go running, and getting up even early helped that happen.

The 11 miles? Were actually good. I went with my friend Wendy, and it was definitely dark in parts of the neighborhoods we were running in at 5:30am. We were doing a 5.6 mile loop twice, and thankfully by the second time around, things started to lighten up. It was actually really cool to be running and watching the sun rise. We did the 11.2 miles in something like 1:58, so not too bad. And I definitely felt like I could run 2 more miles without too much difficulty.

On a side note - I think there were a few factors that attributed to a good run on Saturday morning. The pasta and water I drank on Friday night, the Gu and Gu Chomps I had during the run on Saturday morning. I can only hope and pray that the same good running karma will happen on race day. That is my only fear; at this point, I know my body can do it. It's just I don't want race day to be a "bad" run day.

And then yesterday Audrey decided to become demon-child, and threw tantrum after tantrum. The final straw was trying to make her use the bathroom before bed (remember the peeing in my bed incident?). She is as stubborn as Ray, and didn't want to go. She cried and cried and yelled and even tried to hit me, which isn't like her. She was overly tired as she hadn't napped since Thursday and had a 2 hour playdate that afternoon. I stayed calm and tried to let her cry it out, but with her crying and me being tired, I just started crying too. Ashley actually came out of her bed and gave Audrey a Nerds candy box that was in her room, and all of sudden Audrey decided she could pee and go to bed where she promptly fell asleep in 5.3 seconds.

Ray came home about 10:15pm where we talked until almost midnight, and then Audrey woke up about 1:30am. I brought her to bed with us (bad, bad Amy) where she laid on my chest and fell right back to sleep. But it was just what I needed after a bad bedtime routine and just what I needed on my birthday.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my twin brother Mike!


Jen @ One Moms World said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are rocking this running. WTG. Hope you have a marvelous day :)

WorkingMom said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!!! Hope your week is off to a better start!

And happy birthday to your brother too!

SJ said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

I think bad weekends were just in the cards, I had a rough one too. Keven was out of town, kids were demon spawns and well, I *STILL* have a headache from like .... not even sure now how many days ago.

But today isn't my birhtday so at least you have that going for you! Happy Birthday to your twin too!

Jaki said...

Happy 34! Enjoy your day! And....always remember that letting your kids come in and sleep with you even when it is not on your birthday is not "bad"! Soon enough they will be older and not want to be with you....enjoy it while you can!!! Of course.....this comes from a mom who lives in a 3 bedroom house of which only one of the bedrooms is ever used!!! age 5 1/2 he still sleeps in the middle!!!

Happy Birthday to Mike too!

Lost A Sock said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Lisa said...

Many many return of the day a very-2 happy birthday Amy!!!
I hope you have enjoyed the each moment with your family & friends that is really memorable. I think "The happiest moments of life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my friends or family". Family website