Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flu Shots and other random good birthday news

Last Thursday, I had an appointment to get both girls their flu shots in the evening. I had to teach a class that afternoon, and by the time I was rushing home to pick up the girls, I had a voice mail from the doctor's office. I called back and was informed they were out of flu shots, but had the flu mist.

Of which Audrey can't get because of her asthma. The one person who probably needs the flu shot the most couldn't get it.

And Ashley was ecstatic to get the flu mist as she hates shots. There were no real side effects from the flu mist except a stuffy nose for her, but who knows if that is from the mist or some other cold.

So today the search is on to find somewhere to get Audrey a flu shot.

And on other completely unrelated news, my twin brother called with happy birthday news. His wife is pregnant, so I will be an aunt again (Ray's brother's wife is also pregnant with baby #3). Ray's brother and family moved here to Raleigh this weekend (within a few miles of our house!), maybe I can convince my brother and his wife to do the same...


Terri said...

We are also on the search for Flu Shots I heard that the Schools are doing them fro free for K-12 students. There are dates, times and locations on the website. WCPS.NET

Terri said...

here is the direct link:

WorkingMom said...

Congrats on the impending addition!

Call your local Board of Health and/or Nursing Schools. The college I worked at used to run a free flu shot clinic staffed by our student nurses and instructors. Hubby and I both got our flu shots at a nearby town's flu clinic.

I also heard a number of pharmacies and supermarkets were running flu clinics. Since you're in NC, try the Carolinas Centers for Medical Excellence' Flu Clinic Finder:


Good luck!