Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretty Crappy

So there was an article in our local paper about marathon runners and such. You can read the full article here.

Basically it was saying that more and more individuals are running marathons that ever before, and the elite few that can do a sub-4 hour marathon are pissed with the slow people. One woman even states, "It's a joke to run a marathon by walking every other mile or by finishing in six, seven, eight hours."

Seriously? I think running a marathon is a pretty cool accomplishment, whether it takes you 3 hours or 10. More power to the people getting off their couches and taking on running. And if you want an elite race, then qualify for the Boston marathon and run that.

And I still think a marathon has a "mystique" regardless of how long it takes you to run it. I will never do a marathon as I think it would be a challenge my body would not like very much. I know my body (basically my knees) and challenging myself to a half marathon is just enough, thank you very much.

And are the slow people actually slowing you down? Do they make you run a slower race? Probably not. I am actually signed up to be in the 3 hour corral for the half marathon, and I am pretty sure I will finish it much better than that.

What's your take?


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Good luck this weekend!!

My take is long as those people who plan to run slowly position themselves toward the back of the pack it is perfect. The tough and unsafe part is when the slower runners are set in the front forcing the faster runners to have to swerve. Some races have Corrals to help with this, smaller races don't.

A Marathon is TOUGH and I believe that anyone who wants to attempt it should be welcomed. We all Finish together, regardless of our time.

SJ said...

I think if you run a marathon and finish ... no matter how long it takes, you ran a marathon.

I mean really - it's a marathon!