Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More on the Running Front

Last Thursday, I decided to go to a local running store and purchase some real running shoes. I happily threw my $35 shoes from Kohl's away. I got a pair of Brooks after trying on various pairs of shoes at the store.

And then this past Tuesday, I decided it was finally time to actually try the shoes out. You know, like actually exercise, something I hadn't done in over a week. So off to the gym I went in hopes of running on the treadmill for at least three miles.

Yea, that didn't happen. I made it two miles with some moderate to severe pain in my left knee. Not good. The shoes were great, but my knees are failing me.

I decided to turn to the internet to see what the heck was wrong. And shockingly enough, I have runner's knee. I know, so original. I probably did it running down the bridge at the half marathon (remember the pain I had right after that?) and it is probably exasperated by the fact my quad muscles are weaker than they should be. Good times. I am going to try to find a patella band to wear around my knee and attempt to run again this weekend.

And I am on day three of a fabulous head cold, plus I am on WEEK FOUR of a fabulous cough that I am going to assume I will have for the rest of my life at this point. I actually fell asleep last night before Audrey did (which doesn't say much considering the kid stays awake until 9:30/10:00pm on days she has a nap, that is a story for another post). I normally work from home on Wednesdays and I would have loved to stay at home in my pj's, instead I am teaching a class at work today. Even more fun.


Our Life As We Live It said...

I want SO badly to be a runner. But I am really bad at sticking to exercising. O2 Fitness totally made money off of me this year--I rarely went. I don't think I'll be renewing my membership!

stewbie2 said...

I used to get runner's knee (when i ran), too. The patella band works well, but really, you just need to ease back into running. If it really starts rubbing, back off for a bit. :) It hurts! Be careful!

SJ said...

Don't hurt yourself to the point that you can't come to CO next Spring and run a race with me!!

Take care of that knee girl...