Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Year

This just might be the year Ashley stops believing in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny.

And I TOTALLY blame Borders and all the other retailers that have the Elf on a Shelf blatantly displayed for all to see.

Last Wednesday, I took Ashley to a book store to buy a new book. She is finally enjoying reading and wanted some more chapter books to read. We were making our way to the front to make our purchases when there it was, a huge display of Elf on s Shelf. I tried to block her view, and I thought I was successful, until one night this week when we were reading books. I brought out a new Christmas book I had hidden away for them and read it to the girls at bedtime. This prompted a discussion about Christmas, and I innocently asked the girls if they were excited to see the Elf again.

At which Ashley responded very matter of factly that I bought the Elf, and he wasn't sent from Santa. She saw them in boxes at the bookstore.

Hmm. Well, okay. So yes, I told her, I bought the Elf, but he moves! All by himself! Every night!

Not sure she bought that.

Let's just hope Audrey believes for a few more years.


SJ said...

Wow, that really blows!

You should send Barnes and Noble an email, or go back in and talk to the store manager and tell him how their blatent Elf on a Shelf display ruined your kids Christmas this year. She's too young to stop beleiving!

You know, in my opinion.

Happy Working Mom said...

Oh yikes! I hate the thought of Kylie one day not believing anymore...and I wonder how far away that will be...our kids are too smart!

I hope Ashley doesn't stop believing...that would be too sad. And I agree with SJ...I would definitely talk to B&N about this!

stewbie2 said...

My girls love the Elf. We've had him for 2 years now. When we saw him at Barnes and Noble, and my oldes questioned that you could buy him, I told her, "Yes, you can, but it's really an 'adoption' process. A lot of people don't know that you can get the elf through Santa, so now they let you adopt him from some larger stores." BINGO. Worked for us!!

Pamela said...

WHAT? Santa isn't REAL????