Friday, December 18, 2009

I hate snow

There, I said it. I absolutely hate snow. I realize my kids love it, but snow means cold weather, and that is what I don't like.

Snow is in the forecast for here in North Carolina, and even more so in Virginia where we are headed this weekend. Of course everyone is freaking out (heck, they anti-iced the roads here in Raleigh LAST NIGHT). But really? The main roads will be fine, and knowing how the weather goes sometimes, watch it not even snow as much as they say it will.

And I am 85% done with Christmas shopping, only 20% done with wrapping presents.

I also start another training program on Monday for my next half marathon in February. My knees may fail me, but I am at least going to try. Yes, I am still having knee pain despite it being over a month since my race and seeing a doctor and doing physical therapy. Frustrating? Beyond belief. I am icing nightly in hopes of returning to running without the painful recovery.


Jaki said...

It's too bad you can't enjoy the snow...It is 27 degrees here today and I wish we had more snow as it makes it feel warmer....Safe travels to you...looks like losts of snow on your route...We are driving from Chicago to Connecticut this weekend but looks like there should be only 3 or less inches so that shouldn't be too bad. Merry Christmas!

Pamela said...

Snow way!