Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey look at me! The one in the corner, hiding from all of my to-do lists. Well, not really, but I sure as heck don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

We got home late Friday night, and Saturday morning we hit the ground running and haven't stopped since. Saturday? Our town's Christmas parade which I marched in for Girl Scouts (without Ashley as she had to choose between 4 different groups she could have marched with and chose to march with her Dad with YMCA Princesses...), had to get a tree and decorate it, and then get the house ready for our annual PJ exchange with friends. And then I don't even remember Sunday, I think I did some Christmas shopping, who knows.

Monday Ashley started basketball. We signed her up with Upward at a nearby church (not our church, a really HUMONGOUS church close by) and she loved it.

Tonight was her year end party for cheerleading. Tomorrow night, dance class for her, haircut for me. Thursday night is Ray's Christmas party. Throw in the fact that Ashley is out of school this week and Audrey's class party is Friday and this week is a whirlwind of who is doing what and when.

Monday I decided that I needed to end my insanity and did 99.9% of the girls' Christmas shopping online. Thank God for free shipping and a ton of deals online.

I do have one random piece of random television watching I do (as in please tell me someone else watches this show because Ray thinks its morbid and weird). Somehow a few months ago I caught this show I Survived on the Biography channel. Of course all the stories have a good ending, but man are they rough. I tivo'd the show and while we were gone, the season premiere aired.

And the first story? About a woman who was hitchhiking years ago and was abducted and her captor HACKED OFF BOTH ARMS WITH A HATCHET. And she survived and I watched that last night before going to bed and for obvious reasons had nightmares all night. I think I need to watch that show in the middle of the day.


Martha said...

They have that I Survived show on Hulu and I just watched an episode last night! I really like true crime/true stories of dramatic events shows. I also watch 48 Hours a Mystery and they sometimes have survival episodes too.

On the one I saw a woman was shot by a rapist and left for dead and they caught him when he BROUGHT HIS FRIENDS BACK TO THE CRIME SCENE TO SEE THE BODY! Some people are so sick I can hardly believe it.

It might be a little morbid, but it's morbidly fascinating.

Kerrie T. said...

OMG. I forgot what your post was about when I read that last tidbit about I Survived. Dude!

Anonymous said...
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SJ said...

Oh lord, I havent' heard of that show but you have me curious now! Sounds like something I'd watch (oddly enough).

And um, your schedule seems a lot like mine...I've been running non-stop.