Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not Done Yet

No, I am not done Christmas shopping yet. This is the latest I have been shopping in years. I am hopeful to get most of the rest done today at lunch.

I am supposed to start my next training plan for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon today, but I am pushing that off until tomorrow. And yes, I am supposed to run on Christmas Day.

We saw enough snow this past weekend to last a lifetime. We traveled to Northern Virginia to celebrate with my Dad and Stepmom's family. Sucky snow kept my Brother and Sister-in-law and Stepsister's family from coming over (although her oldest daughter, a favorite cousin of Ashley and Audrey, was snowed in with us).

We very smartly drove Ray's Jeep Wrangler to Virginia and if we had taken our van, we would not have made it out of my parent's neighborhood. It was crazy. This is Ray's parents' deck - they measured at 21 inches of snow.

Boy, was I glad to drive back to NC and not see any snow! Ashley loved it though, she would stay out all day. Audrey took a few steps outside, fell down and couldn't get back up, and she never asked to go outside again. That's my girl.


SJ said...

To think that 21 inches of snow fell in the NOVA area.

Totally crazy! I'm immune to the snow already this year, hell it's snowing right now. We might have a white Christmas, which is cool if you ask me!

Rays said...

Hey it's not good, Christmas is at corner & yet now you haven't done sopping. Do it soon...Hope you will enjoy with your family at Myrtle Beach. Family website