Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is Ashley's Christmas List (amended to take out the items she already received from two sets of Grandparents):

  1. Skateboard
  2. Snowboard (you know, because we get so much snow here in Raleigh...)
  3. Roller Blades
  4. Fishing Pole
  5. Electric Guitar

Number of items on that list she will actually get from Santa? The electric guitar. I was okay with the skateboard, but Ray nixed that (along with never allowing her to wear a bikini, he doesn't want her to have a skateboard, at least at this age; the bikini I am sure is banned for life). The snowboard is just funny, and the roller blades are a no go as well. The fishing pole? Well, I actually did do quite a bit of fishing growing up at my Grandparents farm, but that was when my Dad or Grandma would put the worm on the line. I am not sure who in this family would actually put a worm on a line for Ashley, because I sure as hell won't touch one. That and the whole get a fishing license thing, and the fishing pole gets axed.

Instead, I got her a pogo stick.

Audrey? Poor kid, she just keeps saying she wants more sleep toys. Which I am sure if we bought her 100 sleep toys she would still end up in our bed every night. I think she would be excited to get underwear (which just might be in her stocking, shhhh, don't tell). She just doesn't know what she wants. Santa is actually bringing her a Little Mermaid outfit (the kind that looks like a mermaid, because she has mentioned that she wanted one like that a few times) and a microphone.

I think I might put earplugs in Ray's stocking.....


SJ said...

Pogo sticks are fun! Isaac has a skateboard, he got it for his birthday but the idea hasn't quite taken off yet. He's still a little skiddish to try and ride, but I can only imagine the time is coming.

Have fun with that electric guitar!

yes1 said...
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