Monday, January 25, 2010


I have jet black hair - so black in fact, I have had strangers ask me if it is my real hair color. I also come from a pretty hairy family. My kids call my Dad Grandpa Fuzzy for a reason.

Needless to say, I have been waxing and bleaching the hair on my face for a really, really long time.

I vividly remember being in fourth grade and being made fun of for my uni-brow. I shaved my legs for the first time in second grade.

So I should have been prepared for this.

Ashley and Audrey both have brown hair. Ashley has a darker complexion than Audrey, and as most kids, she has a uni-brow and hair on her upper lip. I just didn't think it was any way noticeable.

Ashley told me this weekend that there are some "older" boys on the bus that call her mustache girl. Seriously? She's six! Am I supposed to start bleaching her hair now? I know that the stuff I use burns sometimes, so I am pretty sure that wouldn't fly with her. Help!

Oh, and luckily, Ashley doesn't really get why they call her that.


Bethany said...

A few weeks ago a brat on the bus told Ebaby she had a caterpillar on her face, referring to her unibrow. Unfortunately she got my hairiness.

SJ said...

You know, kids are just mean. Or perhaps these boys have a slight crush going on? I mean why else would they be teasing her about it?

Oh yeah, cause they are mean.

I'm not sure what advice I have to give, if any at all, 6YO seems a little young to be bleaching/waxing, but if they keep picking on her, it might not be a bad idea. I'd hate for Ashley to have a complex about it at such a young age!! Good luck with that Mama.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Where are these little turds? Let me at 'em.


I mean...

Kids are so freakin' MEAN! I remember being picked on at a young age for a mole just above the middle of my upper lip. Here I sit....25 years later and STILL self-conscious about my face.

I have no advice to offer. I agree with SJ, though....I, too, would hate her for her to develop a complex so young.

Stephanie Snowe said...

Those douchebags.

I tell my kids that some kids are huge freaking jerks and they would find SOMETHING to pick on you about no matter what. And they SUCK and they'll probably be in JAIL in a few years anyway.

But I do tend to get carried away. Your mileage may vary.

Jen said...

Poor Ashley. :( I think you need to teach her how to make a really good fist and use it. Kidding of course, we don't want her to get kicked off the bus.

I do think 6 is too young, and there is always going to be something that mean people can pick on. But I can see why you want to solve this problem for her. Good luck.

Jaki said...

What she needs is a really good that will put the kid in his place and leave him speechless....I know that there is role playing resources out there for bullying and sister also says the american girl movie Carissa Stands Strong is really good to help kids learn what to do and say when things like this happen....however...6..OMG..that is way to early for this to start happening....Ashley needs to know that she is beautiful because of who she is not what she looks like! In my opinion...starting the bleaching/waxing so early just reinforces that she has to do something to alter the way she looks to be pretty...Ashley seems to be a pretty strong and confident little girl....taking after her mom of, my vote is to practice some role playing of things to say back that will shut him up! I'll stop babbling now! :-)

Pamela said...

you are aware and concerned and that is a positive thing to me right away.

You'll figure out the best thing to do about it.. .

in the meantime..tell her the boys were jealous.