Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And Now I Have a Blog Post

I haven't posted anything because it's been the normal crazy January. January has turned into the month of birthdays - between family and friends, it is crazy.

And it all started this weekend. Saturday was a birthday party for a friend's daughter (bowling party that Ashley loved), then Sunday was a brunch for a friend for her birthday and dinner for another friend, my running buddy/college friend. (Other birthdays this month? My sister-in-law, my niece, my Stepdad Ed, and Audrey.)

Happy Belated Birthday Ed!

Anyway, Sunday night we went to Olive Garden. I guess Wendy and I decided to leave our brains at home because she left her purse at the restaurant and I left my debit card. Which sucked because at physical therapy this morning, I couldn't pay my co-pay. I am guessing I need to put a blank check in my purse just in case since I don't have any other credit cards. She realized she left her purse there that night, I of course didn't find out until today that I didn't have my debit card.

The only good news? I am cleared to RUN! WAHOO!!


SJ said...

Hope you got your debit card back! And I'm glad to hear you were cleared to run.

Sounds like you've had a busy start to 2010! Bring it on!!

Anonymous said...

I am petrified of leaving my debit card behind someplace.

Glad to hear you're cleared to run :)