Friday, January 08, 2010


Stupid Wake County, North Carolina. We had a two-hour school delay this morning, and guess what it looks like outside?

Sunny and above freezing. No snow, no ice.

They made the call around 9:00pm last night, when it was above freezing and the chance of our "dusting to one inch of snow" was only 30%.

Smart, real smart.

Audrey's school of course opened on time since the owners waited until this morning to make the call. Thanks Rhonda!

What a great start to my Friday.


SJ said...

Yeah, I have to say that that is something that only happens on the East Coast!

Have fun in that snow ;)

Erica said...

I would say I feel bad for you, but my kids have been home all week long. I don't know how you do year round school. I would have to be committed somewhere! Nevertheless it is frustrating. Hope your day got better.