Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Few Random Thoughts for Hump Day

Ashley had a bad dream last night and ended up in our bed because she was so afraid. Her dream? The moon fell to the earth. Bizarre. But then she had a "really great" dream (her words) right before she woke up for the day. She was at a Nick Jonas and the Administration concert with her friends. Even weirder.

To echo the words of my good friend, I have a renewed faith in the people of Massachusetts.

Running on the treadmill sucks. And my right IT band is giving me trouble (it's my left that has been causing me the most pain).

It's been in the 60's here for the past few days, but that is ending today. Back into the 40's and rainy.

I had to sit in the dark in my office at work all day yesterday, my overhead light was out. Luckily I am working from home today and traveling tomorrow as working in the dark only made me sleepy.

I was perusing the top applications on the iPhone last night while watching American Idol. Seriously? One of the top free games is a toilet paper roll and you have to see how fast you can unroll it.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry the knee(s) are giving you a hard time.

Winter here in NY has been strange this year. Not a lot of s now (we have a lot of visible grass. Not common in January).

The toilet paper game? Sounds odd. But, at the same :)