Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update on running

I think I will have my last physical therapy appointment today. I ran three times last week - two 3 mile runs on the treadmill at the gym, and one 7 mile run outside on Sunday. I was sore yesterday and BOTH knees sort of had twinges of pain throughout the day, but today they are both fine. I think my body was in shock that I ran for more than 3 miles.

I won't say my IT band is completely healed - I still need to stretch multiple times a day at work and at home - but it is 100 times better.

Ashley plays basketball with Upward at a local church, and one of the Moms on the team is the cross country coach at NC State. I of course hit her up Saturday about the IT band, and she summed it up: hurting your IT band sucks.

I will keep strength training during the week as well. Luckily, my friend I am running the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon with on February 13th has absolutely no goal time whatsoever. The other good thing about that race is that it is completely flat, so no hills to hurt myself on.

I haven't decided beyond that race what I will run. Ray wants to do OBX Half in November as he was supposed to do it last year. There are few half marathons in Raleigh in March, and even one in my hometown in Virginia in May. I need to see what I feel like after the one in February, but I guarantee there will be more races in my future!

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