Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year's Goals

I was really worried about this morning. Ashley has been out of school since Thanksgiving (year round schedule), and Audrey and I have been out of work/preschool for almost 2 weeks. We have been staying up late, eating crap, and shockingly sleeping in (which for my children is 7:30-8:00am).

But this morning went very smoothly. I got my butt out of bed on time, showered and was ready for Ashley when her alarm clock went off at 6:45am. Pre-Christmas break, I was getting her up at 7:00am, but having to be out of the door by 7:35am was getting to be a challenge. And Ashley was all for the early wake up time. Both my kids need a little time to veg while eating breakfast in the morning. I got Ashley ready and set up with breakfast just as Audrey was waking up. Perfect. We shall see how long this lasts...

So, I have a few goals for the New Year, some worth sharing here, others not so much.

One goal is to obviously keep running. I would like to run in four 1/2 marathons this year, but that is dependent on my knee and such. So the main goal? To run 500 miles this year. I should really make it more, but I figure with starting the year with an injury, I should make my goal somewhat attainable.

And speaking of said injury, I had a deep tissue massage yesterday and I have a big purple bruise on my leg to show for it. It was a good massage in that painful, I think I want to cry but it sort of kind of is making my leg feel better kind of way. My massage guy (if you live in the Raleigh area, Rob at Massage Envy at Beaver Creek can work miracles!) worked on my IT band on my left leg for an hour. One hour on one part of one leg. At one point I asked him if he often made people cry doing what he was doing to my leg, and he responded that he had never seen an IT band as bad as mine. Um, not good. Physical Therapy starts today, and I am hopeful I will get back to running soon.

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Robin said...

Hi Amy,

I'm glad you've decided to run 500 miles with us on the Turtles blog this year, and pay it forward along the way, in spite of your knee issue. Dedicated!

I'm enjoying reading your posts this evening... your daughters are so sweet, and your words are very real - reminds me of my youngest sister - a mom of 3 little ones. :-)

Take care and hope the weather lightens up soon for you guys... expecting snow flurries in Orlando early Saturday morning - just in time for Disney Marathon weekend. Go figure!

Take care... hugs from Orlando!