Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Taking a break

Being pissed off from crappy spam comments on this blog, I am taking a few days break.

Plus, it is finally warm outside - the ice cream truck even made an appearance in my neighborhood on Sunday. 60 degrees last Sunday meant we were outside all day.

70 degrees today means I am pissed off I am in a building and am counting the hours until I leave.

But warm weather brings kids who inhale their dinners and sleep well at night. Bring on summer! (Yes, I am completely skipping over spring...I like it hot.)


Erica said...

I had to make mine private, because I was getting freaky comments and some crazy woman made a youtube video about one of my posts! It hit home that anyone can read this and my kiddos are way too important to put in danger....enjoy your break.

brett said...

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SJ said...

I turned my comment moderation on, at least that way I can reject those stupid spam comments.

Have a good time on your break - see you back here soon!

Happy Working Mom said...

I'm sad you're taking a break, but I understand :) I know what you mean about the warm weather...we're supposed to get up to 65 today and the neighborhood has come alive again!

Pamela said...

I take the chinese character spam comments and translate them on Alta Vista translator.

Entertaining -- and then deleted.