Thursday, April 08, 2010

A nice color of yellow

Everything here is a nice shade of yellow due to the pollen. We rinse the deck off or the playground, and 10 minutes later it looks like we didn't do anything to it and it is covered in yellow again.

Audrey and Ray have had seasonal allergies for years. Audrey has been taking Zyrtec since she was one.

And now we can add one more of our family to the list of allergy victims - Ashley. She has been stuffy for weeks, and last night spiked a fever. A quick trip to the doctor this morning, and she has allergies and a sinus infection.

So her and I are having a nice day off today.


Working Mom said...

My sympathies to you all. Even after the past rainy month, I'm looking forward to showers starting tonight just to knock our levels down. My eyes have never been this itchy, the Middle Child can't hear anything from being so stuffed up (even on meds), and the Oldest sounds like he got punched in the nose (even on meds).

Spring would be lovely if it would rain every night, so you could be lulled to sleep by the sound of rain on the roof, and wake up to a sparkling clean world we could all breathe in!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. Our pollen isn't bad. Yet. I'm dreading when it gets bad. I haven't been on my allergy injections for 6 months or allergy meds for 7. I have to suffer through this season until after the baby is born to start my injections again.