Thursday, May 13, 2010

I realize it's been forever since I posted

I breezed right through Mother's Day and my Dad's Birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!). Mother's Day was spent doing something I enjoyed - going to the grocery store without my kids. And since our vacuum cleaner broke this week, I am thinking that's going to be my belated Mother's Day gift. Yea for me.

I have had 2 crappy runs this week, with hope that speedwork at the gym tonight will be better. I am just so sick of running in my town and really, really tired of the hills. I need a new place to run. Although that won't be in Chapel Hill since some woman yesterday was almost kidnapped running IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY on a very busy street.

Audrey's dance recital is Saturday and her dress rehearsal is tonight. I need to figure out how to hold it together so that I am not a sobbing mess for the recital. Seriously, I cried over the email from her teacher about the specifics of Saturday. What is wrong with me? Ashley is still a few weeks out from her recital, maybe I will figure it out by then.


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Carolina John said...

i want to get out to Shelley Lake and Lake Johnson. I hear they both have fantastic trails around the lakes that are manageable distance. i know that's raleigh not chapell hill, but come on over! we got new hills here.