Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mickey Mouse and Happy Neurons...

First off, the Mickey Mouse thing. I have to admit, seeing the video on this blog post brought tears to my eyes. HOW FREAKIN COOL!

So we had book club on Monday night, and the book was Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I think all of us in book club agreed that it was kind of weird saying we enjoyed a book about a woman with early-onset Alzheimer's, but we did. It was exceptionaly written and interesting how the different family members reacted.

One of the things in the book the woman has to do is take mental tests during her doctor's appointments. I often sit at my desk at lunch eating my Lean Cuisine, and instead of cruising the gossip blogs, I actually enjoy going to some of the websites that have brain games. The connection to the book mentioned above? A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that subjects frequently participating in cognitively stimulating activities had a 63% lower risk of dementia/Alzheimer’s than less frequent participants.

So the most recent website I found was HAPPYneuron. Between memory, language, attention, executive, and visual-spatial games, I was set. And let me warn you, some of the games are hard. Or maybe I shouldn't tell you because maybe they are just hard for me, but whatever. It's nice in that it gives you a summary of how you have done as well.

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