Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

First day of summer my a$$. It's been in the 90s here in Raleigh for weeks. And this week? Saturday will be a high of 90, that is the lowest high this week. Today and tomorrow - 95 and 96.

It's makes running outside kind of hard. I did manage to get out yesterday evening about 7:00pm, and it wasn't too bad. I ran to a local middle school and tried my best to run a mile as fast as I could, but the heat, having eaten dinner just an hour before, and the fact that I had already run a few pretty fast (for me anyway) and hilly miles to the school meant I bonked out on my fourth lap. I think I need someone there to push me.

Yesterday was not only Father's Day, but it Ray and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We took the girls to a driving range yesterday morning to try out Ashley's new golf clubs, and then promptly went to Dick's Sporting Goods after that to get Audrey some. Ray is determined to have golfing kids.

Ashley is in a dance camp this week and I am glad she will be indoors all day with this heat. Last week she was in a Girl Scout camp and spent all day outside, and it wiped her out by the evening. Her first swim meet is tomorrow night (she had her real first meet last week, but it stormed so it was cancelled). Audrey is transitioning to the Pre-K classroom at school this week as well. Still no word yet whether we will be forced to switch tracks next year for Ashley. Supposedly they only need 5 kids out of about 60 to switch tracks, so I (as should YOU) am keeping my fingers crossed that we aren't one of those 5 families.