Friday, June 25, 2010

Where did the week go...

Random stuff this week, all pretty much unrelated. Enter in bullets:

  • Ashley had her first swim meet Tuesday night and did well. She was fourth in the backstroke in her heat, which is what she cared about (out of 8 swimmers). She just didn't want to be last. I was a place judge for the meet and was on my feet for 5 hours and only got distracted twice with judging to the point I didn't even see the event (oops). Luckily, I was the last place judge, so by process of elimination, they figured out who was last.
  • Ashley also has been in dance/drama camp this week and performs this afternoon. I will post a video later since I have the new iPhone and finally have video.
  • And yes, the new iPhone is as cool as they say it is. Happy anniversary to myself and Ray.
  • Last night, after a long week, being up late, getting up early, Ashley was tired and had a meltdown. During this, she told me I was not a nice person, which was basically a stab in my heart. One of my Facebook friends had an analogy she shared: "As a parent to grown adults with children-that still happens. Now they step on your toes-when they are older they step on your heart." Wow, that put it in perspective.
  • Tonight I am going with friends to see Rascal Flatts for the 4th or 5th time (I have lost track). Totally excited.
  • Even more excited about Eclipse next week and the possibility of my friend hosting a Twilight pre-show party.
  • I still don't know who Ashley's teacher is next year, and she starts July 9th. Everyday I think that we will get a letter in the mail, but no dice.'
  • I actually did a sort of brick workout at the gym last night. I ran 3 miles, then hopped on the bike (which was a pathetic demonstration on how I really suck on the bike) and then ran some more. My legs felt really weird running again after the bike.

I think that's it. Summer is kicking my butt (hence the lack of posting). I will try and do better next week...


Ann said...

I am completely jealous you have the new iPhone. On a few occasions, Ian has said "I don't love you" when he was mad. Ouch.

WorkingMom said...

Congrats to Ashley! Been in the same shoes as a timer at the Oldest's meets; can't wait for him to be on the high school team so I can actually watch him swim.

Have a great time at the concert!