Monday, June 07, 2010

I think I can finally breathe....

Ashley's two recitals - piano and dance - are over. She did so well at both of them, but of course I am most proud of the piano recital. Here she is, six years old, getting up in front of a crowd and playing two pieces from memory. She was nervous, but she did it. And yes, I am proud of her dance too, but music was and still is a big part of my life. All the girls in Ashley's dance class did so well, and they were all so pretty (Ashley had 4 neighbors/friends in her dance class with her this year). It might have been just me, but I felt like they all looked younger with their hair in a bun and makeup on.

After her dance recital, we came home and hit the pool as the perfect end to our weekend. I finally feel like it's summer, especially since Ashley's last day of school is tomorrow (don't speak to me about how I will have a second grader, I am not ready for that yet...). We are heading to the beach Wednesday - Friday, and then we are coming back in town so that we can have another crazy weekend - Race for the Cure, Ashley's first mock swim meet, block party, and a sad farewell to friends who are moving back to Texas. GAH, I cry just typing that. Moving on....

I did get some HOT miles in this weekend running - I did 3 miles on Saturday morning where at 7:30am it was 78 degrees out. And then Sunday I met up with Ann for a 7 mile run. It was so much fun to run with someone for a change. I am pretty sure she might think I am crazy though as I think I talked her head off. I greatly appreciate her meeting me so early that morning to run though. I don't plan on running the Race for the Cure this weekend as I have to take Audrey with me, but I am sure it will be a workout as I am sure most of the time I will be carrying her or have her on my shoulder (no strollers allowed in the race we are doing). But I do plan on getting in some flat miles at the beach this week.


SJ said...

Sounds like the start of summer has kicked off for you guys! Have fun at the beach!!

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LMC said...

Breathing is good, glad you have a little time for it!:) Have fun at the beach!!