Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dinner Games

We often play the Family Time Fun Beginner Dinner Games because the girls like it (my kids like to talk) and it's often better than the how was school conversation.

Last night we drew a card where you got to wave around the magic spoon and say three things you would wish for.

My wishes:
1. A running skirt
2. A new van (And really, I'm not sure why I said this as our van is only 2 years old and perfectly fine. I think the girls had me frazzled demanding I answer so they could.)
3. And I never got to say my third one as mentioned above, the girls got a little anxious about saying what they wanted.

Ashley's Wishes:
1. For everyone to take care of the Earth (very nice of her and frankly I was shocked by the fact it wasn't a material item.)
2. A horse
3. A scooter (Yes, there are some kids in our neighborhood who drive around on their scooters, and unless a Grandparent is willing to buy her one, she is never getting one from Ray nor I.)

Audrey's Wishes:
1. To get hugs from Mommy all the time (I always tell her she gives the best hugs)
2. To never die. (Yes, she seriously said that. Hmm.)
3. To go to Marbles, the local kid's museum


Jaki said...

AWSOME! I'm telling you! Our kid's generation is the one that will get this Earth clean again! They are getting conservation and Earth friendly messages pounded into their head ALL.THE.TIME!! If not at school then on Nick and Disney! What would your third wish be?

VetTekky said...

That is so adorable! I think its important to spend time having fun with your kids, especially if you are getting them to think a little bit in the meantime. It's fun and free and makes dinners not so boring anymore!