Friday, September 03, 2010

Running update

I promise pictures of Ashley cheering at the high school football game last night will be posted tonight (that is mostly to appease my Mom...).

I get kind of bummed when I read some running blogs that preach and preach about the benefits of running 30-40 miles a week. I think that I am not doing enough and it will affect me in my races.

But then I step back and realize a couple of things. First off, I ran my first half marathon last year without taking my mileage over 17 miles a week and I had a pretty respectable time. Then I ran another one without going much over 15 miles a week. So I am hoping that my 20-30 miles I am running a week now will be an improvement.

And I am busy - working full time, two kids in multiple activities, a husband who owns his own real estate business with wacky hours some days, a husband who is also training for the half marathon, and I lead my daughter's brownie troop and am team mom for cheerleading. I am doing what I can to get the miles in, and it's enough.

So this week has been all about squeezing in runs when I can. Monday night after the kids went to bed I hit the gym for 5 miles of speedwork which I hit all my paces (yipee!). Wednesday morning was a 5 miler and it was an adventure. It was hot as I got started around 8:30am after the kids were at school and I got snapped at my a HUGE turtle and I almost stepped on a snake. I hate snakes.

This morning I got up at 5:30am to get 4 miles in before the kids got up. I will do the same for my 8 miler in the morning. I normally run at lunch time on Fridays, but it is supposed to be 97 here today and we have a lunch event at work today and Audrey will be with me at work since her school is closed for a teacher workday. It was really nice to get up and get it done. I can see why Ray likes getting up early and running. And I stayed away from the path around the pond by our house as I didn't want to encounter anymore snakes or turtles.

Ashley and Audrey have been invited to a Camp Rock 2 movie party tonight which they are extremely excited about. It's a perfect way to start the holiday weekend.

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