Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heat (again)

I ran 5 miles this morning with an average pace of about 10:30/mile which was pretty good considering IT WAS 84 DEGREES WHEN I STARTED.

I partially melted, but I ran on the Tobacco Trail where it is mostly shady. But I still used about half of my water to dump on my head instead of in my mouth.

And on more exciting running news, I am being considered for a book Melinda Hinson Neely is writing about marathons. I am not one of the six featured runners, but will be featured in a smaller part in her book. She enjoyed all the various stories of why people are running, and decided she couldn't leave anyone out.

So I guess I really have to run the Austin Marathon in February. You can read the details here.

I was also quoted in Parents magazine this month about being a working Mom with sick kids. They got Ashley and Audrey's ages wrong, and it wasn't this last winter, but the winter before. Oh well, I guess they can't get everything right. But really, read the article. What some Moms have done is CRAZY when their kids get sick. I am lucky in that Ray and I can swap out taking turns, or even do half days. That and I have an employer who is very understanding.

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GISrunner said...

Yeah, this NC heat is driving me crazy, too. I'm not really ready for summer to end, but am looking forward to cooler temps and lower humidity.

Thanks for clicking over to my blog through Melinda's post. I chose the Tobacco Road Marathon since it's not all paved roads. I live in a rural area and primarily run on dirt paths and just don't know that my legs can take 26.2 miles of asphalt. It also sounds like it's a nice course. How are your runs there?

Are you also running the Medoc 10 miler in October? I did that in 2009 and loved every minute of it. I'm really looking forward to it again this year.