Monday, August 16, 2010

I have no title for this post

I hate having projects unfinished, and Ashley's room was a project that was unfinished (and actually still is until Ray hangs her curtain rod TONIGHT). The big thing left to do was to paint. And paint we did. Her room is now a "brave purple" color. Ray did some of the painting, and I finished up on Saturday morning while Audrey was at a friend's school's festival and Ashley was at a birthday party. I know, a kid free Saturday morning, and I spent it painting. I would have much rather spent it at a coffee shop reading a book, but oh well. Next time. And I guess I could actually take pictures of the room...add that to my to-do list tonight.

Prior to the painting, I did 7 miles bright and early with my friend Wendy on the Tobacco Trail. There were a ton of runners/bikers out Saturday morning, even at the 6:30am hour we got started at. I am guessing all the fall marathon training schedules have started. I officially start my training next week on the 23rd. This was my sixth straight week of around 20 miles or so, and my legs were feeling it. They were just tired. I think I might step it back a few miles this week before I get back into an official training schedule next week.

And speaking of training, I used the Smart Coach application (or you can find it on Runner's World) for my training plan for both the half marathon and the full I am doing. Keep your fingers crossed it gets me a PR in my half marathon in November. And because I am psycho about spreadsheets, I am still tweaking the schedule today. We have our Disney vacation in September and I have a weekend trip in October that all need to go into consideration when looking at my training schedule.

Last week, Audrey started soccer and holy crap, she loves it. So unlike her sister which we endured two seasons of intro to soccer of Ashley playing in the dirt instead of actually paying attention to the coach. She did start to melt at the end, but it was over 90 degrees and she was hot. Yes, pictures of this to come soon as well. As soon as I remember to bring a camera to practice.

And speaking of practice, she has practice on Thursdays from 5:45 - 6:45pm. Ashley has cheer leading from 6:00-7:30pm that day as well. I drop Ashley off at a neighbors for her to hitch a ride at 5:30pm, then take Audrey to soccer (Ray last week had a realtor event, this week hopefully he will be home because getting them both fed and ready was not fun). This Thursday? It is also Ashley's open house for school as well at parent's night out at Audrey's school (where we would have had free childcare for 3 hours, guess we will get it next time) and the open house at their dance school. Luckily they both know their dance teachers, but I still want to go to Ashley's open house. What is it with everything being on the same day?


judy said...

I'm crossing fingers to start my real training next week too. I get the multiple kids with multiple sports.....I live in a car or I run. No in between :)

Happy Working Mom said...

Kylie's room is STILL not finished and we started that back in May!!! One of her open items is also a curtain rod :)