Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Ray!!

His birthday was Saturday and considering he was in Las Vegas for 4 nights, I think he had a pretty good birthday. And he actually came home ahead which I think is a first. He actually wasn't there to celebrate his birthday but a good friend's 40th birthday. But it helped that it was his birthday as well.

So I was on my own with the kids which really wasn't too bad considering they had about 12,482 activities on Saturday alone (that is only a slight exaggeration). I got in trouble with the school for having Ashley ride the bus home with a friend on Thursday, but other than that, there were no snafus.

And in turn, I am leaving this weekend to spend with some friends, and leaving Ray with the girls and on Friday afternoon alone they have to be in 3 different places at the same time. Bwahahaha!! Good luck Ray.

I leave on Thursday for Boston to meet up with my friend who moved back to Texas over the summer. The same one I am running the Austin Marathon with in February. We get to run together in Boston which should be fun, but cold. Considering it is supposed to be 83 here tomorrow and the highs in Boston this week are 50s, I am not looking forward to running in the cold, but I will deal.

And in more so-so news, I will most likely be furloughed at work in November. Merry Christmas to me.


Kellie said...

Ouch. SO sorry :(

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