Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Audrey is definitely the most loving child between her and her sister. She hands out hugs and kisses all the time and still snuggles with Ray and I. (I think Ashley thinks it is not "so cool" to do those things anymore, and yes, she is only 7.)

This morning Audrey was snuggling in bed with me before I got up as she had come in our room at about 5:00am and had gone back to sleep. I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me more, and that she loved me to "hockey sticks, heaven, Mars and the moon and back". It took a second for me to think what the heck hockey sticks was.

I don't cuss a ton at home (aw hell, yes I do), but I do say "God Bless America" instead of sh*t and "H E Double Hockey Sticks" for hell. So yes, Audrey loves me to hell and back.

I realize most of the United States is cold right now, but DAMN it's cold. At least my van started this morning unlike yesterday morning. I am doing all my runs during the week at the gym and will attempt my 20 miler in the cold on Saturday morning. I am thinking I will be wearing multiple layers of clothes. This is really not normal for this time of year in NC. I hope it passes soon.

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