Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lack of posting

I feel like I get one post done about my epic new distance long runs, and then I have already run my next one. Sorry for the lack of posts!

This past weekend was just Audrey and I. Ray and Ashley flew to Texas to visit friends. And since they left on Friday and Audrey would be in school, I did my 18 miler on Friday. I started at 10am, finishing around 1pm. And yes, I was STARVING when I finished. Good thing I had parked next to a McDonalds....

The 18 miler was hard, and really it was hard because I thought the trail I had picked to run on was really long. Instead I had to play "where can I pick up more miles" the whole time which is really tiring.

But I did it. Ran for 18 miles straight.

Audrey and I had a good weekend and Ray and Ashley had a good weekend. The girls both love being only children. Audrey did sleep in my bed all weekend though....

20 miler this Saturday, anyone want to join me? It should be about 20 degrees. I am done with the cold. It was so cold this morning my freaking van wouldn't start. Luckily Ray was still home and we jumped it.

Who picked a winter marathon to train for?

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You're so inspiring. I ran across your post several months ago and like reading about your running. I live in C.A. where the weather is in the 70s today (don't hate me). I hurt my back a few weeks back and have had to run A LOT less. I was happy I did 20 miles last week. Reading about your running inspires me to keep hoping that with chiro visits I'll be back to running long like you. Keep it up!!