Friday, December 03, 2010

More of the same...

I still have not completed anymore Christmas shopping, although I have had to purchase 5 birthday presents between parties my kids have been invited to and my BIL and MIL (Happy Birthday Cindy and early birthday Sean!). And in the three stores I had to go into at the mall, I had someone cut in front of me in line at two of them. They had complete disregard for the line. And I wonder why I don't want to do any Christmas shopping. I need to look online for the stuff I need.

And now my laptop at home has crashed. We thought it might have been the power cord, so I ordered a new one on ebay for $8. Well, that wasn't it. Three years of pictures are on that damn computer. Someone better be able to get those pictures off.

I have 16 miles to run in the morning. Wish me luck as the temperature will be about 28 degrees, although says it will feel like 22 degrees. Fabulous.

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