Friday, February 04, 2011

another head cold...

I have another head cold this week. Maybe its part of the "taper madness" of running. I skipped my speed workout on Monday, only ran 2 miles. I did 3 last night, will do 12 tomorrow. And then hopefully 4 on Sunday. My hip is still bothering me after I run, but not enough to cause issues.

I haven't run much this week due to my head cold and the fact I spent Wednesday driving to Virginia, sitting in a court room for most of the day, and then driving 4 hours back to NC. Let's just say the court system works. I was a character witness for a family member's custody battle, and he won full custody of both of his kids. It was a long and emotional day, not one that I want to repeat ever in my life.

Today was wear your favorite team shirt in Audrey's school, so of course I sent her in a Virginia Tech shirt. And since we live in Raleigh, there weren't many football shirts being worn for Green Bay or Pittsburgh, just tons of UNC or NC State stuff. I told Audrey not to play with any kids wearing NC State or UNC or Duke. I was joking (sort of). Audrey is really sad though because her favorite teacher is leaving next week. Which sucks since she only has a few months left at this school (she graduates on June 17 and starts kindergarten the beginning of July). When her teacher told the class she was leaving, Audrey cried, that's how much Audrey likes her.

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momof3 said...

Hey - sorry you're not feeling well. I guess you're familiar with my "Q's Taper Madness" post by now, huh? IF not, it's in my archive from Oct '10 and it's titled, a letter to the support team.

Well, getting a cold 2 weeks out from the marathon IS part of Taper Madness. lots of saline, avoid sick family members, wipe every surface in your house 2 times an hour from now until race day... you're tapering, I promise you'll have the energy to pull that off.

Seriously, regarding pace, IF you're going out to "finish", you really do want to run the first 20 at your happy pace. If you want to pick it up at mile 20, game on. If not, also fine, as you know you've saved all that energy to get you to the end of the race with a smile. Do not try to bank time, "there is no bank, do not imagine you can create one on race day".

I'll stalk you a little... did I say stalk?... between now and race day! If you have any questions, comments, snide remarks, I hope you'll reach out to me. If you don't want to comment directly, you can find nofsahmof3 on Facebook and msg me there. There's supposed to be a button on my blog.

Take care!