Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Few minutes...

I only have a few minutes to post as I have to go pick up Ray at a Starbucks near our office since he took the hard top off his Jeep without putting the soft top back on AND without looking at the weather today. So he is parking it in a parking garage a couple of blocks away and getting Starbucks.

Just an excuse really for me to get a Venti Iced Black Tea.

Easter was good - Ashley fought off a slight stomach bug, but was okay otherwise. It was warm enough on Easter for the girls to enjoy a slip and slide at a neighbor's house. I went all of Lent without drinking one soda, and I still haven't had a soda. And I don't think I will. No more diet cokes at bedtime for me.

The pool opens Mother's Day weekend here...I really need to order a bathing suit. I need to update everyone on my boot camp adventure these last two weeks, next time. Need to go get my Starbucks...

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