Monday, April 18, 2011


Ray's parents are moving near us, and so this past weekend we were moving Ray's brother out of our house into their house about 4 miles from our house. We knew there would be storms in the area, so we were keeping an eye on the weather. We had just returned home from taking a load of stuff when the storm hit.

I have never heard thunder as loud as I did on Saturday. And then it got dark, like middle of the night dark. And silent, which was weird.

But our street was lucky. No damage at all. Two streets away? Houses with trees on them, shopping carts from a Lowes Food store a mile down the road in their yards, insulation from a bank a mile away in trees. All the power lines down the main street in our town were taken down by trees as well. Not sure how well you can see the power lines in the above picture... And trees on cars. The kids weren't scared of the storm, but seeing the damage it did scared them. Ashley's school was closed today due to lack of power. Probably the first time in the school's 15 years it was closed due to a tornado.

Let's hope we don't have any more storms like this again....


SJ said...

Amy, so glad you and your family are okay. So sorry to hear that the storm affected so many others that you know.

Ann said...

The quiet and the darkness is what really freaked me out. Glad you all didn't see any damage. It was amazing this morning when I drove to my son's preschool to see the destruction just a mile from my house!