Monday, June 26, 2006


The lady who said she would rent our house backed out at the last minute after we pulled the listing off. What is it with people? Does "good faith" not mean anything any more? Sorry, just had to vent.

Happy Belated 50th Birthday to my Mom!! Sorry, I should have posted that Friday. Bad daugther.

The girls are doing better, Ashley's nose is okay and Audrey's cough is going away. My guilt for Ashley falling down the stairs is getting worse, though. I just keep seeing her fall. Let's hope she doesn't remember this when she gets older. I guess the guilt more stems from me yelling at her prior to the fall about not napping. I lost my patience and I shouldn't have. Like I said in the earlier post, if I could start yesterday over, I would.

So tonight, our neighbors had a huge inflatable water slide out. Fearless Ashley went right on down it, over and over again. She was having so much fun. Then she had to pee and ran in the house, slipped, fell and banged her head on the hardwood. Then at bath time, she hit her head on the faucet. I think that's three times, and she's done.

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Bugs Mommy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I just went through (and still am)the same guilt with my little one. She busted her mouth right after I told her to stop playing around or she'd fall and bust her head.

I'm having a hard time letting her play "normal" out of fear she'll hurt herself again...LOL