Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2nd 2th

Ashley was taking a bath the other night, and I asked her if she was done. "Nope, I'm not. I will let you know when I am done." Oh really. We are on your schedule now? If it were up to her, bath would last until the water was frigid and her skin was so wrinkled she looked like a raisin. Instead, I give her one more minute and go and pull the plug. Normally that doesn't cause too much of a fight. But she will sit in the tub until every bit of water has drained out and she has rolled around in the bubbles until I have to turn the water back on to rinse her off. Now who is in charge?

Audrey has been doing this funny thing lately. She has some sort of round teething thing, either one of those links or an actual teething ring. She will hook it on her thumb, hold it in front of her face, and grunt and say "aaaahhhhhhhh" at it for minutes at a time. Maybe she is telling it "next time, I will bite you with all of my two teeth I have in my mouth." Yup, she cut her second tooth yesterday. Now she has teeth.


Bugs Mommy said...

Oh, these are adorable!! Too, too cute!

Bug's the same with bath time. She wants out when she wants out.

Michele_3 said...

My littlest one loves the bath-tub too!
He will sit in there until every drop of water is out of his tub,then even knowing it's all gone he will always try to turn the water back on to fill it up!
Yeah, for the 2nd tooth coming in!