Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ballet Class

Thanks Grandpa/Grandma Fuzzy for the dress up stuff!

I decided to sign Ashley up for a ballet class at the school of dance in our town. It is actually a ballet/tap combination class for her age group. As a kid, I didn’t do dance or ballet or anything remotely girlie. I played softball. But I want my daughters to be well rounded and given the opportunity to try different things. So this year it is ballet. And at only $38 per month, it seems like a good deal. That is until I went to buy the shoes. She of course needed ballet slippers as well as tap shoes even though if she makes it to the recital in April, they will only do a ballet piece. The cost of those two shoes? 48 Freaking Dollars!! She better like the class now!

Of course in the car on the way to get the shoes, she informed me she didn’t want new ballet shoes or tap shoes. She had some at home in her dress up box. I told her gently that those are for play, and she needed some new ones. She cooperated while trying on the shoes.

Then I had to stand in line and pay. We were actually in the dance studio as they had setup everything in one of the rooms. So as I was standing in line, Ashley proceeded to stand in front of the wall mirror and sing and do her “super ballet spins” as she calls them. The girl in front of me who was probably around 10 looked at her Mom and said, “I guess that little girl likes to sing.” I wanted to tell her you have no idea. Just come to our house after we put her to bed and listen to her.


CPA Mom said...

I just bought Tap Shoes and Ballet Shoes for Tigger. Also cost $48 for both which I figured was a steal since his normal sneakers are $48 by themselves (Stride Rite).

His combo class at the Little Gym is ballet, tap and gymnastics. One hour class. Its for 12 weeks and about $260. Gah!

Bugs Mommy said...

Wow! $48?! I guess I'm lucky, Bug's class is $40 a month and $50 paid for registration, a leotard, tights, tap shoes & ballet shoes.

I hope she likes the class as much as Bug loves it!

Silly Hily said...

$30 something bucks a month really isn't a bad deal.
I guess I still have at least another year before I start thinking about Silly Girl doing this stuff.
Oh, and your comment about going from 1 to 2 being hard but after that it's "easy," yeah, I've heard that too. I just wonder how true it really is. Guess I'll find out eventually.