Monday, August 21, 2006

Various Pictures

Ashley loves her new rain boots, Thanks Grandma Midnight!

Dancing with my boots.
Audrey loves hanging out after a bath.
Audrey in the bath seat.
It is easier now that they both can take a bath together.


CPA Mom said...

oohh, we had the bathtub ring too, the exact same one. Loved it!! Now they both are slippery monkeys though as they are too big for the ring. sob, sob...still easier to bathe together though.

Happy Working Mom said...

It gets even easier when you don't have to do the bath seat! My two kids love the bath! Josh (1) is always crawling and trying to climb over Kylie (3)! The worst part is that Josh always feels the need to stand up, and that scares me too much...dang boys!

Bugs Mommy said...

Cute pictures!

Mrs. CPA said...

Your new profile picture is the cutest thing ever! Thanks for the happy birthday!

Michele_3 said...

What cuties!
Have a good day!

Manic Mom said...

They are too cute! I used to have three in there at one time. NOw the oldest can take showers by himself, alleluia!