Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend Recap

Here are some highlights from this weekend:

- The world is truly a small place. On a walk down the street yesterday to the newest houses that have been built, I met some new neighbors. They went to Virginia Tech as well, and the husband went to my high school (although he graduated a few years before me). And he said some other people that had just moved in also went to my high school. And Sunday Ray and I took the kids to a park. We ran into a guy we went to college with and was in the same fraternity my husband and I were in.

- Audrey is beginning to get the finger food (see picture above of her and her biter biscuit). I gave her some of my cinnamon roll one morning, and she ate that. She has the pincher grasp down, just doesn't necessarily get the food to her mouth. And she can clap her hands and she stands with weight on her legs when you hold her in a standing position.

- Ashley has started to ask "why" just as most of you predicted. Here is a sample of one of our conversations from a public bathroom visit this weekend:

"Ashley, we have to wash our hands."

"Why? I didn't stick my hands in the toilet."

"Because you touched the toilet"

"Why do I have to wash my hands?"

"Because it's dirty in here."

"Why is it dirty in here?"

"Because it is."

"Why do I have to wash my hands?"

"Because I said so!!"

- If you let your kids watch the Backyardigans DVDs in the car enough, you will wake up in the morning singing the songs in your head.

- I finally made it to the attic to go through and actually the label the tons of bins of clothes I have from Ashley that will hopefully fit Audrey at some point.

- We ate out a ton this weekend, but I was very good. And it shows, at my weigh in Monday morning, I had lost six pounds!


j&jberggren said...

Who did you run into from AKPsi? It is a small world! Believe it or not but this past week....WHY? has been Jeremy's favorite to NO! And he is only 2 1/4!! I have a long strech ahead of me I think!!!

Happy Working Mom said...

My daughter definitely loves the word "why" too...and I have always said that I will never use the words "because I said so", but when the first 10 explanations I give her aren't what she wants to hear, I find myself uttering those 4 words!

CPA Mom said...

Woo Hoo on the weight loss!! You go girl!

Bugs Mommy said...

Great job on the weight loss! Feels good, huh?!

Silly Hily said...

6 lbs.!! You go girl!
I'm so terrified of the "why" years.

We've got the whole wide world in our yard to expooooooooore. :-)

Oh wait, I knew there was something I wanted to ask you. You were in a fraternity?

Michele_3 said...

I hear why all the time....
It is a crazy question my kids seems to want to ask me every second- LOL!
You rock for the weight loss!
take care~

SJ said...

A BIG kudos to you for losing 6 pounds, that's awesome!!!