Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let's Learn to Rhyme

Ashley is learning about rhyming words in school right now. So all weekend we played the following game, over and over and over again (in between games of Go Fish):

Ashley - "What rhymes with cow?"
Me - "Now."

Ashley - "What rhymes with book?"
Me - "Hook, Look."

Hey, I'm getting good at this.

Ashley - "What rhymes with daughter?"
Me - "Umm, yea, slaughter?"

Yup, totally said that outloud. Glad she doesn't know what that means.

Ashley - "What rhymes with hit?"
Me - "Ummm, I think you might need to ask your Dad."
The only word stuck in my head that rhymes with hit? You guessed it, shit. And then I couldn't think of any.other.words. And don't tell me that wasn't the first word you thought of either.

We would turn the tables on her and ask her what rhymed with certain words, and she did great. Amazing what they can learn at such a young age.

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Michele_3 said...

That word came to my head too!
good thing you didn't say that one out loud!
Cute picture of you & Ashley too!

j&jberggren said...

Ummm...you may want to go with "water" next time she asks you what rhymes with "daughter"!! Too cute!

Mrs. CPA said...

I thought of tit, and I really hate that word. And you know how much I love the word shit by the 4,832 times I have written it.

What about spit, kit, nit?

Rachel said...

Ha ha ha, before I read what mrs. cpa wrote, that is exactly the word I thought of!!

Silly Hily said...

I totally thought of tit first. But I have a good reason.
You see, what had happened was....I was over at Shauna's blog and she was talking about this big tittied woman and how she needed to stay away from her man and so on and so forth...so, it was on my mind. :-)
Aren't you so glad I'm back. HA!

Stacey said...

LOL! Funny rhyming story for you: When I was teaching kindergarten, we did a 'word family' each week. When we got to the "-uck" word family, you know there was BOUND to be trouble.

So I was making our weekly poster of -uck words, each child had to try and give me a word. Duck, buck, suck, luck, chuck, muck, tuck, and you guessed it, f*ck!

Amazingly, none of the kids even seemed to notice, but I had to excuse myself for a moment to go "cough, sneeze", aka hide my laughs of the HORROR of it all.

Rhyming is FUN!