Monday, November 20, 2006

Pottery Stories and Linky-dinky-doo

So in my haste to get a post done last night, I forgot to share the story of the pottery place we went to yesterday in my girls' night out. Anyways, we walk into Crazy Glaze and lucky for us, one of the ladies with us had done it before. The place wasn't that big, there were maybe 8 tables of 4 set up around the room as well as a bigger table in the back that was having a kids birthday party at the time we showed up. So the manager lady gives us the rundown and continually apologizes for the "rowdy" group in the back. Honestly, I barely noticed them except for when they sang Happy Birthday. Three of us pick Christmas plates to do that had snowmen at the family members, so the manager lady knew we all had kids. She continues to come by and check on us and proceeds to call the kids in the back brats. We all kind of look at each other like this lady is nuts.

Upon leaving, my one neighbor asks if she is the owner, and she says no, she is just the manager. Man, if she was looking for us to have our kids birthday parties there, she is darn out of luck. I may just contact the owner and let her know of this manager's "service".

Linky Love - So to copy Silly Hily, I am also a Blog Whore. Check it out, and join us in all of our blogwhoringness.

Also, I keep forgetting to let everyone know, my MIL informed me that my stocking will be out on the deck this year. Which is fine, because what is important is that she loves my kids and they are first on the mantle. And yes, she really does love me as well. Even if my stocking will probably be filled with something other than presents.

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