Friday, December 22, 2006

What I remember

Audrey is better, thanks for those of you who have asked. She still has snot issues and somewhat of a cough, but last night she feel asleep at 6:45pm and was still asleep when I left for work this morning. I think she just needs some rest at this point.

Being so close to Christmas, I thought I would share some of my fond memories of Christmas from my childhood.

First all, I don't remember when I found out Santa wasn't real. I just don't. I guess I figured it out, but who knows. I will just blame it on my brother.

A favorite memory I have is from when I was really little. We lived in a trailer until I was about five years old. My parents would erect a cardboard fireplace at Christmas time, the one that even made it look like there was a fire burning. Like this picture, only think 1970's style. I loved that fireplace and actually thought Santa came down it.

I also remember the year we got a real Christmas tree. And the damn thing would not stay up. So my stepbrother decided we would nail the tree stand to the floor. Yup, nailed it through the carpet into the subflooring of the townhouse we lived in.

I had a couple of years in high school were I did unwrap all my presents and wrap them all up. I hate waiting, I am the person that reads the last page of a book first. And I am dying to open the presents that are under are tree right now. I even tried to convince Ashley last night that we should open one present. Her response?

"It's not Christmas yet, Mommy."

Smart girl, smart girl.


CPA Mom said...

Ok, now I know why my comment wouldn't save. I was trying to comment while you were changing this post.

Your parents were cruel to give such disparate gifts to twins...or was your brother mis-behaving? (now I don't even see the car vs. pocket knife gifts on this post)

I'm glad Audrey is better. I don't remember learning about Santa either.

Tigger tries to open the presents every single day. You can open the one from me!

Susan in va said...

Can you believe that I've lived my whole life and I did not know about the cardboard fireplace? That is so sweet that your parents did that! My favorite part, though, was when your stepbrother nailed the tree to the floor. I can see my DH doing the same thing! LOL!!

That Chick Over There said...

Aww! My twins are almost 9 and they still believe in Santa. I'm feeling almost 100% sure this will be the last year though. :)