Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ashley Turned Four

On Saturday, Ashley turned four. In the midst of the craziness that was that day, I didn't post my usual post I normally do on the girls' birthdays. So I am doing it today...and I am doing it in sort of retrospect...

Leading up to your birthday, I was nervous that it was going to be a really hard day. I could not believe you were turning four. It seems like yesterday you were a toddler like Audrey is now, running around, laughing like crazy.

And the day came and went, and I didn't cry. Not until Sunday night late, when I realized you were no longer my little girl. Then I cried.

You tell me to leave you alone sometimes. You get upset and you will retreat to your room. I know you need space and are trying to work things out on your own sometimes. You are so much like me it's scary.

But...I really shouldn't cry. You are such a happy kid. You love your family, all the grandparents, all the uncles. You love your friends. There isn't a day that doesn't go by that you don't mention Hayden this or Hayden that, or you tell me that you had fun playing with Audrey and Avery at school. Because they are your best friends.

You smile that goofy smile and Ray calls you "Old Grey Tooth" since that front tooth is discolored from the trampoline accident. You constantly ask us to have dance parties in your room. God, I hope you learn to love music as much as I do.

And you and your sister...when you wake up before she does in the morning, you get so excited to go to her crib when she wakes up. Only you can make Audrey hysterically laugh and make that crazy face she does. At the dinner table Audrey copies every time you tilt your head, and you love watching her do everything you do.

And as much as you are like me, you are just like your Dad. You and Ray can spend hours together just being together. Your love for him runs deep, and I know you will always be a Daddy's girl.

You are so funny, you hate sleeping with a blanket or comforter on you. Every night before I go to sleep, I go in your room and cover you back up. And sometimes I do that a few times a night.

You love to snuggle and hate sitting on the couch without someone to snuggle with. If I lay in bed with you for a few minutes at night, you grab my arm and wrap it around you.

Your smile melts my heart. Your "I Love You's" melt my heart even more.


Julie said...

Happy birthday Ashley! She will continue to amaze you every day. Age 4 seems to be a pretty big milestone - they become so independent all of a sudden but are still such little girls.

How was the birthday party?

CPA Mom said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Ashley! I forgot all about it. I remember when Tigger turned 4. She's still your little girl though. Always will be.

Did you have the tea party yet?

Edie C said...

Ok, I must be an emotional mess right now... sitting here balling my eyes out. That was beautiful.

Happy Birthday Ashley!

ktjrdn said...

That pic is gorgeous. happy birthday Ashley!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of her!! Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

Beautiful post to your daughter...

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! She is just beautiful! And your precious post made me cry. Time goes by so quickly.

Pam said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Happy birthday to Ashley! Thanks for leaving a comment on my site and for checking it out. Come back often and good luck with becoming a teacher- let me know if I can offer any support or help.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Beautiful post,Amy! And a very beautiful photo of Ashley!
I look at Katelyn, she turned 4 in March. She is SO BIG now! It does make you cry to see them grow up!*sniff*

YAY! I am so glad Audrey is sleeping better through the night!

How was her birthday party?

Working Mom said...

Very sweet post!

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

wolfbaby said...

happy birthday..

she is beatiful

and so sweet it sounds like my very own cookie monster.. umm just lots less hair.;) Ihave what 5 more months till she is 4.... so very fast it goes

SJ said...

Happy 4th Birthday Ashley! That photo you posted of her is darling.

And what a beautiful post Mama! It's tough watching your kids grow because they do it so fast!


And now you must share her birthday party details! And share pictures too of course!

Michele_3 said...

Awh! That was Beautiful!! Happy B/Day Ashley!
I hope her birthday was awesome!!

I know how you feel- my little guy will be 4 in a few weeks & I am just amazed & saddened to see how he is growing up into this big boy..Not a baby anymore! It really can be bittersweet :)

my4kids said...

Happy 4th Birthday Ashley!
I was always sad when my kids turned 5 because that meant they were going to start kindergarten soon and I hated when they were big enough to go to Kindergarten.
Also....she will always be your little girl! I tell Izzak my 12 year old he is still my little boo and he always will be even when he is 40 and has half grown kids of his own! He just excepts it.

Rachel said...

Damn, this made me cry! And, I'm at work!!

Happy 4th Birthday Ashley.

That's such a gorgeous picture of her.

frannie said...

what an absolutely beautiful post.

A very happy birthday to your little girl!

Sabrina said...

I wanna hear how the birthday party was :)

willowtree said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Ashley. Your mom owes you a hug from me.

Heather said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ms. Ashley! She's so adorable - what a sweet post Amy!

Stacey said...

That was a beautiful post, and the picture of Ashley is amazing. (Garrett's 4th birthday just killed me, too. He just seemed soooo grown up).